Me starting to Blog

Since early this year, I have been speaking to a few people with regards to the idea of blogging. I solicit their views about blogs, bloggers, and what are the possible “can-dos” and “don’t dos” that a possible blogger may find it useful to know. I also visited the blogs set up by others, to take a look at how they blog, the appearances of their blogs, and what they blog about.

I feel that blogging is a good way to keep the mind mindful, and the brain active. It allows bloggers to share their encounters, experiences and even thoughts. As bloggers blog, they too will improve their writing skills and styles.

I have quite a number of views about quite a number of issues and the happenings around me. Also after leaving school for some time, I also find that it is increasingly necessary to keep the mind occupied and to continue writing. I hope that in the days ahead, I will retain the commitment to blog and keep the interest going. Hopefully, it can become a good hobby.

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