All levels integration – a point of consideration in the White Paper?

The idea of retaining a Singaporean core is good. However, how we define “a population with a Singaporean core” is important.

What constitutes being a Singaporean? While we can acknowledge that a new citizen of merely a month is a Singaporean, we need to see if these new citizens can integrate well into the society. I hope to see more measures on how the government plans to help these new citizens integrate well, and minimise social tensions.

I also understand that non resident foreigners could possibly make up 45% of the population in 2030. I understand that these foreigners will eventually return to their home countries after spending some of their productive years working in Singapore. However, I would be interested to know what measures the government would suggest to help them fit in to our society and way of life even as they work here on a temporary basis.

I observed that alot were proposed on the infrastructural and land use planning. I hope to see developments on the “softer” front as well.


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