Australia better than Singapore?

I share a story here, see if you guys have any views:

I took a cab home last month. I had a good chat with my cab driver throughout the ride. He is in his early 30s this year.

He told me he is also a general manager of a restaurant, which is actually part of a chain of business. As a general manager, he is involve in planning the operations of the restaurant under his charge. His wife is a bank executive. Still, he said he finds it necessary to also be a taxi driver because of the increasingly high cost of living in Singapore (the usual lines of high price of HDB flats, and the high cost of education for his now 4yo son).

He told me his uncle’s family had gave up the Singapore citizenship, and had shifted to Australia. He told me that his uncle’s family received a free copy of the English daily everyday, and that it is thicker than our Straits Times. His aunt was a housewife, but the state pay her A$2,500 per month. He said the state recognized that being a housewife, is also an occupation. His uncle is a bus driver in Australia, working in a 4.5 days work week of about 37 hours, and his pay is A$4,000. He said that this would be unimaginable in Singapore.

He went on to say that his aunt has a friend, whose daughter was immobile from waist down. The state provided the family a vehicle for the convenience of the daughter’s movement.

Finally, as we near my destination, the driver lamented that it seems that Singapore’s government is more concerned with their pockets, while the Australian government have got its focus on the welfare of the people.

When parting, he told me he hopes to send his son to Australia one day, and hopes he doesn’t come back. He added that I should also consider that option…


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