Let us have MAXIMUM attention on minimum wage!

Labour Chief Lim Swee Say said in Parliament that the Singapore wage model is better and “more than” a minimum wage system. And he said most importantly, the Singapore wage model “actually maximize the upside for the low-wage workers, and at the same time, minimize the downside”.

And he said the Singapore wage model is: Workfare Income Supplement, Workfare Training Support, and the Progressive Wage system (WIS + WTS + Progressive Wage System).

I do not know how many people can immediately voice outright support for his arguments without having a detailed look into both the models. And on this, I believe there is a need on more discussions (within and outside of Parliament) and debates to see which model is indeed better. Without such extensive discussions and debates, I’m afraid we are all the while listening to strong viewpoints coming from one side, and sort of neglect the other viewpoints which do not get equal airings.


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