Remove those man made barriers!

MP David Ong called for government to do away with the mandatory retirement age. This is a good call because as Singaporeans live longer, we should encourage them to continue to keep themselves active – physically and mentally, hence let us do away with the retirement age. He also called for the full restoration of employers’ CPF contribution for workers older than 50yo. This is good because as people grow older, their needs for medical and healthcare spending will increase, so it doesn’t make sense to curb the employers’ contribution rate at all in the first place.

Senior MOS Heng Chee How spoke the obvious, which in the first place, shouldn’t have existed. He wants the re-employment age to be extended to 67yo. I prefer there be no such a requirement! Employers should not base employment on age, but should base it on how best a worker can contribute, and to assign workers with different needs different roles, so that they can still contribute to the company. What we need, is to change the mindset of employers because having such a requirement will make it seems as if once reaching a certain age, workers are “unemployable”.

So when citizens grow old, and we find the need to handle the issue of aging, then how many people realise that some policies enacted in the past form part of the troubles today?


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