BN fooling voters again?

Under the 1Malaysia initiatives, there is a cash handout called BR1M. It used to be a one off RM500 handout per family that earns less than RM3,000. After the polls, if BN is still in government, the handout will rise to RM1,200.

BR1M is supposed to help Malaysian cope with the increasing cost of living.

BR1M is effective in the short run to help people cope. It will be unsustainable if there are no efforts by the government to tackle the root problem of rising cost of living.

Imagine a family of 3 (2 parents, 1 kid) getting BR1M of RM1,200 after the polls if BN wins. It works out to be RM100 per family per month, or RM30+ per family member per month, or RM1+ per family member per day. Is this sufficient for Malaysians to cope with the increasing cost of living?

I think things are even worst now that BR1M constitutes only RM500 per handout annually.

It is also even worst for huge families with more than 3 members.

So is BN, by their constant highlighting of the revamped higher BR1M handouts, treating Malaysian voters as 3yo kids incapable of doing basic Math.

I seriously do not know how many Malaysians think that the BR1M is effective in helping them, or just see it as a vote-getting policy tool.


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