True face of BN and MCA exposed

The dates for Malaysian general elections and nomination have been set. And parties are settling their seats allocations for the last time.

It is very interesting that one can see how BN and its component parties work if one takes a close look at the process of seats allocation within Malaysia’s ruling coalition.

The dropping of Chua Soi Lek

MCA chief Chua Soi Lek announced that he would not be contesting in the general election as a candidate, but would still lead MCA into the polls. What does it show? It just shows that Chua Soi Lek was regarded as not “winnable”, because BN chief Najib had said before that he will pick candidates based on their “winnability” amongst other factors.

It also shows how BN actually works. It is ridiculous that although BN is a coalition of many parties, it seems like the BN chief (from UMNO, a component party of BN) is the overlord. How is it that BN chief Najib is able to veto the candidacy of Chua Soi Lek, on top of saying he will pick and finalize the BN candidate list? So obviously BN chief Najib does not see his fellow component parties’ chiefs as “equal”. And so people will ask, what roles do the various BN component parties chiefs play in the BN supreme council?

The “loaning” of seats

MCA chief Chua Soi Lek also announced that his party will be “loaning” some of its current seats to other BN component parties, meaning MCA will not field candidates in those seats. The reason given was that the racial composition of those seats had changed (e.g. A reduction in Chinese voters, or an increase in number of non Chinese voters). Only in the racial politics of BN, will we see such allocation of seats.

And Chua Soi Lek must be fooling the voters of Malaysia, especially those who supported MCA. He called the seat allocation “loan”. It should be called “give”. Think, since the racial composition has changed this time around, do people expect it to so easily change back to the old composition so much so as to allow MCA to re-contest back in those seats come the next general elections?

So in reality, one can only expect MCA to contest less seats in future Malaysian elections.

An opportunity to reject MCA?

Maybe it is now time to reject MCA and its candidates this general election, for the following reasons.

First, no point having faith and confidence in a party such as MCA, when its own leader has been rejected and not fielded as a candidate.

Second, no point hoping that BN component parties such as MCA can speak up and represent the people well, considering that BN Chairman does not hesitate to over-rule his fellow component parties’ chiefs.

Third, no good for the Vision2020 if people continues to support MCA and other BN parties, because it will only strength racial politics in Malaysia. Vision2020 calls for a Malaysia for all Malaysians regardless of race.

Fourth, no point voting in MCA candidates as there will be so few of them after this general elections, and possibly so in the future elections. Under the face of BN chief, these representatives will likely disappoint voters.

Fifth, voters should see the true face of MCA and its leader by now. The party and the man is weak. We see it from the actions of BN chief himself, who reduced the number of seats contested by MCA and even deny Chua Soi Lek a seat. As BN chief, I think he knows his component parties and its chiefs best. Why support a party whose candidates and leader are seen as not suitable for electoral battles? Can voters realistically expect any good service from such representatives once they are elected?

No wonder people can feel resentment against BN and its component parties like MCA ahead of this general election!


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