Flawed arguments by Gerakan/MCA leaders

For the past few days, a few Gerakan and MCA members and leaders had issued statements or had taken to the social media to spread their message that by not voting in their parties’ candidates this coming general election, the result the Malaysian chinese will get in the new Federal government will be an under-representation of Chinese leaders.

“Fear” and “Race” card

Firstly, this is an desperate attempt by leaders of Gerakan and MCA to urge voters to support them. To achieve this goal, these leaders use the BN’s all time favorite “fear” and “race” cards, in the hope of scaring Chinese voters into not voting for the multiracial slate of candidates of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), with the unfounded fear of lacking Chinese leaders in the new government.

In a multiracial and multicultural society as Malaysia is, no truly multiracial or multicultural parties/coalitions will send such statements to win votes. Afterall, a truly multiracial and multicultural party or coalition will naturally have candidates that speak out for all Malaysians regardless of race, language, or religion without any slightest signs of fear or favour, not just for the Malaysian Chinese as Gerakan and MCA seem to be by virtue of their statements.

Of course, I’ve stated in previous blogposts which highlights that Pakatan Rakyat is a true multiracial and multicultural coalition compared to Barisan Nasional.

Flawed assumptions of Gerakan and MCA leaders

Secondly, the statements of Gerakan and MCA leaders consist of a flawed assumption, that BN will continue to rule in Putrajaya after the elections.

Hence, the “fear” and “race” card is unfounded if BN is not the government after the elections. This is because, by voting in the full slate of PR candidates, voters will get a truly multiracial and multicultural slate of representatives in Parliament, where all Malaysians will be represented regardless of race, language or religion!

So to ensure genuine multiracial and multicultural representation in Parliament, voters should bravely support PR candidates and not risk a BN government, where certain communities are held ransom by certain under-performing mono-ethnic parties. Voters should avoid a BN government which do not live true to the aspirations of Onn Jaafar!

lack of confidence in Gerakan and MCA?

Thirdly, by default of such “fear” and “race” statements to their core support group – the Chinese community, Gerakan and MCA leaders seem to lack self-confidence with regards to their parties’ possible electoral performances this elections. The lack of self-confidence also shows in their desperation in their willingness to send the “fear” and “race” message across.

Voters must consider whether leaders of low self-confidence in their own supporters are worthy of any electoral victories and whether they will be able to well represent their supporters in the future.

I think the three messages of Ubah, Reformasi, and Harapan is what truly resonate with the voters of Malaysia!


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