Goodbye Huang Wenyong!

Today is the funeral of Huang Wenyong, a veteran TV actor in various Chinese shows (over 100 dramas and sitcoms). He is also considered the first male TV star in Singapore. He passed away last Saturday, due to lymphoma cancer, age 60.


He became a hit after assuming the role of Ah Shui (啊水) in the 27-episode drama “The Awakening” (雾锁南洋) in 1984.

I am very sure many people had watched his dramas. Since young, one of my source of entertainment and leisure every night would be various night time dramas on Chn8, so I’ve watched many dramas which Huang Wenyong had acted in. The drama Your Hand in Mine (想握你的手) which Huang Wenyong acted in, was the one which was quite lengthy and left an impression in me.

I would like to say that although being an actor acting in drama series and sitcoms, Huang Wenyong does not earn huge sums of money or attain wide acclaimed fame as some regional or international actors, he had a part to play in the hearts, and in the lives of each and every person who stayed home to watch his shows.

Huang Wenyong acted in many dramas and sitcoms, only to provide much needed and appreciated sense of relaxation and relieves to the many people who seek to lay back after a hard day of work. Without knowing then, Huang Wenyong was actually part of their lives.

Looking at news reports, this can be seen, when people were quoted as saying,

His chracter in Dont worry, Be Happy (敢敢做个开心人), brought a lot of laughter when I was in primary school


The Awakening was the first SBC drama I watched. And who can ever forget Ah Shui? He is the first actor whose name I ever remembered and that was when I was in kindergarten

Huang Wenyong spent most of his 60 years in the entertainment industry, bringing much joys and laughers to many people. No doubt that some people feel that they had taken him for granted, as they tuned in daily for his dramas.

Here, in tribute to Huang Wenyong, I share the theme song of The Awakening – his breakout performance which made him popular,



  1. #1 by Ocelet on April 24, 2013 - 2:52 pm

    One of the more influential actors of Singapore. RIP.

  2. #2 by thatsmyopinions on April 24, 2013 - 4:29 pm

    Yes, indeed!

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