Songs of Reformasi

“Reformasi” has been the rallying slogan for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) this coming general elections, in a hope to usher in a new era of positive and much needed reforms in Malaysia.

Here I share 2 songs created along the message of “reform” that aims to capture the positive spirit of change, with great hints of hope in them.

Earlier, I shared the Democratic Action Party’s campaign theme songs in another blogpost.

Reformasi by Yasin Sulaiman

I was told that this song was created for the PR Convention, and that Yasin Sulaiman is a famous Malaysian singer.

I think this song is pretty good…

Semarak Reformasi – the PKR’s campaign theme song

This clip starts with a brief introduction to the history of Parti Keadilan Rakayt (PKR), which Anwar Ibrahim leads. (Can Anwar be the next PM? Checkout my earlier blogpost.) Hence this clip is also a good recap on the tumultuous history of PKR.

This clip features Anwar quite prominently, and no doubt it creates the hope for reforms!


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