A vote for DAP = a vote for PAS, PKR and PR/Change as a whole!

Once again, we are seeing the “race” and “fear” cards play up by the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) in the lead up to the polls next Sunday. My views on BN can be seen in this blogpost.

This time around, it takes the form of advertisements on publications, in particular The Star, which is majority owned by the MCA, a party part of BN.

The main theme of those advertisements is that a vote casted for the DAP is a vote for PAS. The prime motivation behind these advertisements is to scare the Chinese voters into not voting for DAP, for fear that wins by DAP’s candidates would help form a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government, of which PAS would be of, and the latter “may push for the implementation of hudud or Islamic laws” in Malaysia.

The fact is hudud law is advocated by some (not all) in PAS, and even if anything, it is an agenda for these groups in PAS, and not an agenda of PR as a whole. This article should make this very clear.

Moreover, voters shouldn’t be worried at all, as PAS is a party for all, and hudud has not been implemented in Kelantan even though PAS is the state government for nearly 2 decades. I highlighted that PAS is a party for all in this blogpost.

What voters should be clear is that, if they want to see genuine change for the better, they need to sweep BN out of Putrajaya. And in that case, every seat matters to PR.

PR is a true multiracial coalition for all Malaysians regardless of race, language and religion. A win for DAP, PAS, or PKR, will only strengthen PR, and usher in change! In other words, the losing of a seat by DAP, PAS, and PKR will only weaken PR, and reduce the chances of having Change! My views on PR as a truly multiracial coalition worth supporting can be seen in this blogpost.

It is only right for voters to vote for every DAP, PAS, and PKR candidates if they want genuine change for the better!


Let us all not be taken in by those childish, silly and unfounded “fear” and “race” cards played by the BN:







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