Goodness of “Johor Way” only in Johor? Other BN areas lack it? So is BN worth supporting?

The Battle of Johor is heating up very much as campaigning hits the second week. Today, PM Najib visited Johor to campaign for BN candidates. Ex PM Mahathir will follow suit tomorrow.


To become the new Federal government, PR needs each and every vote in Johor, in order to unleash the JohorWave to sweep BN out of Putrajaya. PR’s sincerity in gaining footholds in Johor can be seen in its deployment of heavyweight candidates to the state.

They include Lim Kit Siang (contesting in Gelang Patah), Teo Nie Ching (Kulai), Liew Chin Tong (Kluang), Retired Chief of Army Hashim Hussein (Johor Baru), and Chua Jui Meng (Segamat).

People who hope for significant changes, should give priority to PR in Parliamentary seats. I had earlier shared my views on the Battle of Johor in a blogpost.

What is the Johor Way?

Ex BN of Johor and BN candidate for Gelang Patah, had centered his campaign on safeguarding the “Johor Way” (see article), which seems to be,

the moderate, tolerant way of life, where everybody has the opportunities to maximize one’s own potential…

PM Najib had this to say of the “Johor Way”,

The Johor way has been a very moderate and accommodating way… With this kind of style of leadership and policy embarked by BN in Johor, it has led to a long period of peace and harmony and political stability.

PM Najib even added,

Once the nature of politics in Malaysia and Johor becomes confrontational and divisive, it will never be the same again, Johor will never be the same again.

Ghani’s line is always that the opposition are extremists who will threaten this “Johor Way”. After his candidacy for Gelang Patah was made known, he was quoted as saying,

The opposition parties have brought a tide that threatens all that we have preserved in Johor for all communities – Malays, Chinese, Indians. I believe the people of Johor will be together with us to defend what we have here.

Another play of the “fear” and “race” cards?

Is the campaign strategy of Ghani another display of the BN’s customary tactics of “fear” and “race” politics?

Najib and Ghani are scaring voters into believing that the opposition will disrupt the harmony and peace built amongst the various races in Johor. So he argued that the opposition must not be allowed to win! Aren’t that a combination of the BN’s customary “fear” and “race” tactics?

Ghani seems to be taking cue from his party leader, in particular Dr Mahathir, when crafting his campaign strategies. I’ve highlighted Dr Mahathir’s involvement in an earlier blogpost. And for those views of his, Dr Mahathir had attracted some legal woes, as reflected in this blogpost.

Ghani will obviously get some backing when Dr Mahathir arrives in Johor tomorrow.

Today must be the prelude to the highest peak of display of the “fear” and “race” tactics by BN.

BN saying that Malaysians other than Johorians dont have the opportunities to reach their potential?

Interestingly, voters of Malaysia must be highlighted to the fact that the goodness of life, where “everybody has the opportunities to maximize one’s own potential”, seems to be available only in Johor, if BN’s words can be believed.

Has anybody heard BN championing this goodness as the “Sabah Way”, “Sarawak Way” or “Perlis Way”?

By not highlighting it, is BN saying that other BN states are where “people don’t have the opportunities to maximize one’s own potential”?

Is BN saying that the Malays, Chinese, and Indians elsewhere, in other BN ruled states, can’t work together due to the presence of “politics of confrontation”?

Perhaps it is time for BN to reflect.

Then, is It worth supporting BN?


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