Is that what Caretaker PM Najib should do – announce policies on behalf of a yet-to-be-born government? He’s taking voters for granted!

Since Parliament was dissolved on 3rd April, one could say that Najib is the Caretaker PM – a transitional role to lead and administer the running of the country until the polls produce a new government.

However, Najib seems to be doing somethings which the caretaker PM should not do.


As a caretaker PM, Najib does not have the mandate to announce new initiatives and policies during the election campaign period in order to garner support, because it is and will be the duty and responsibility of the new government to carry out those initiative and policies.

How can a caretaker PM make pledges on behalf of the yet-to-be-born government?

Is Najib so blatantly taking Malaysian voters for granted, as to being very sure that he will be returned to power after May 5, such that he can make these policies announcements now?

Perhaps, Najib should read the Bersih’s guidelines for Caretaker government..

Yesterday, Najib announced the government’s approval to set up of a new branch of a Chinese independent high school in Johor.

Najib also announced the building of 1,000 affordable housing in Tanjung Piai in Johor.

Both pledges were made by Najib when he was in Johor yesterday campaigning for votes.

As these pledges were made in Johor, am I right to ask if Najib is indeed so blatantly taking Johorians voters for granted, as to being so sure that the BN will be returned to power in Johor after May 5?

Perhaps Johorians can make BN pay the price for taking them for granted, and for abusing the roles of the caretaker government. And Johorians certainly have the chance to do so come May 5, by voting PR candidates!

Together, all Johorians can make Change in Johor!


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