Lim Kit Siang deserves to win in Gelang Patah! (Part II)

1. In Part I, I had written about Lim Kit Siang the man, his sacrifices for the people, and why to PR’s supporters, he deserves and must win for the sake of PR taking over Putrajaya.

2. Crucially, I had also shared that a PR win in Gelang Patah will almost certainly deliver more Johor Parliamentary seats to PR because Gelang Patah is the most challenging fight in Johor, with Lim Kit Siang facing MB Abdul Ghani. If PR can win Gelang Patah, it can win other Johor Parliamentary seats easily. And winning Johor Parliamentary seats forms an important part of the overall PR’s strategy to take over Putrajaya!

3. Here, I will share a 4-part documentary of Lim Kit Siang. Supporters of Lim Kit Siang can show and share these clips around to friends and family members, especially those who have yet to decide who to vote for.

4. Supporters of Lim Kit Siang can certainly make good use of the remaining 2 days by sharing these clips via the various social media sites. (You may do so by clicking on the various share buttons at the end of this very blogpost).

5. In the run up to the polls, the momentum in Gelang Patah must not stop, but must increase, so that it will fuel the momentum of PR in Johor, and ultimately the momentum of PR taking over Putrajaya in two days to come!


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