Lim Kit Siang deserves to win in Gelang Patah!

1. Lim Kit Siang first stood in elections in 1969 and won in Bandar Melaka, Melacca. He has since been speaking up for all Malaysians despite having lost 5 of his electoral battles – 4 state seats, and 1 Parliamentary seat, and having been detained before without trial, under the Internal Security Act.

2. Voters should be able to see the record of Lim Kit Siang’s sacrifices in order to speak out for the people – having been through electoral defeats and detained, but coming back time and again to speak up for the people. This time, despite being 72, he is doing it again in Gelang Patah.

3. In GE13, Lim Kit Siang is leaving his stronghold in Ipoh Timur, Perak, which he won in GE12 with a majority of over 21,000 votes. Obviously Lim Kit Siang shouldn’t need to move away from Ipoh Timur if he is only interested in his own electoral victory.

4. PKR ran in Gelang Patah in the past two general elections, but lost both times to Johor Wanita MCA chief Tan Ah Eng. Tan kept the seat in GE12 with a majority of 8,851 votes, a smaller majority than the overwhelming 31,666-vote majority in GE11.

5. Obviously Gelang Patah is a BN stronghold, and it is a challenging fight for Lim Kit Siang. Hence anybody who believes in the PR’s message of change, reform, and hope, should vote Lim Kit Siang on Sunday, and at the same time garner support for Lim Kit Siang amongst friends and family members.

6. Hopefully the majority of Gelang Patah’s 106,864-strong electorate will vote Lim Kit Siang on Sunday. A strong win by PR in Gelang Patah will signal that even voters of a BN stronghold is giving up on BN, and it will no longer be a stronghold of BN.

7. Why is Lim Kit Siang taking a risk by running in a no-certain-win seat of Gelang Patah?

8. A PR win in Gelang Patah will almost certainly deliver more Johor Parliamentary seats to PR because Gelang Patah is the most challenging fight in Johor, with Lim Kit Siang facing MB Abdul Ghani. If PR can win Gelang Patah, it can win other Johor Parliamentary seats easily.

9. The addition Johor Parliamentary seats will help boost PR’s chance of taking over in Putrajaya. This is the political tsunami from Johor which Lim Kit Siang has been talking about. To effect change in Putrajaya, the Parliamentary seats of Johor is very important to the overall strategy of PR.

10. That is why voters who believe in PR’s message of change, reform and hope, should vote and garner support for Lim Kit Siang and PR in Johor. Change in Putrajaya can only be closer if Johor turn its back on BN. In a democracy, people who want PR to help improve their livelihood and bring hope through change and reforms, should help all PR candidates contesting in the Johor Parliamentary seats win, and win big.

11. In the run up to the polls, the momentum in Gelang Patah must not stop, but must increase, so that it will fuel the momentum of PR in Johor, and ultimately the momentum of PR taking over Putrajaya in two days to come!

12. Ubah! Inikalilah!


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