A BN which totally lacks confidence!

1. Campaigning proper for GE13 started after the dissolution of Parliament, and a few weeks before Nomination Day in April. People had said both BN and PR have been campaigning for years since the last elections in 2008. Indeed it has been a rather long campaign.

2. I have been taking a serious look at the campaigning in Malaysia since the dissolution of Parliament in March, by following news reports, watching video clips, and also analyses by political experts and analysts.

3. From all these weeks of following, it is never been clearer that BN is a contestant which is fast losing confidence of its own candidates, leaders, and machinery.

4. Midway through the campaign period, we have seen BN falling back on its customary “fear” and “race” tactics in attempts to scare voters as much as to influence the voting by Malaysians, in a way that is not conducive for the development of democracy in Malaysia. While it has been customary that BN deploys such tactics, the continuance of its usage only implies that “old politics” is still at play in Malaysia.

5. By deploying “fear” and “race” tactics again, it shows that BN feels that Najib’s Transformation programmes are insufficient to win over the electorate to ensure a BN victory. Clearly, BN is a party which does not even has faith in its self touted initiatives, that it has to resort to divisive politics in order to win.

6. How is the “fear” and “race” tactics divisive politics?

7. The way BN plays its “fear” and “race” politics is by having its various component parties singing different tunes to their own specific racial community, in order to inflict fear upon them by highlighting the “threats” brought to them by other races. This is the hope whereby, once under threat, the community would bind together and support the BN to fend off the “threats”. They hope that this bolstered support will ensure a BN victory.

8. UMNO is aware that PAS is winning the Malay vote bank. In the hope of preventing this, UMNO deploys the “fear” and “race” tactic by highlighting that “A vote for PAS is a vote for DAP, which will impose its Chinese agenda in PR once PR wins”.

9. MCA on the other hand, is aware that DAP is winning the Chinese vote bank. In the hope of preventing this, MCA deploys the “fear” and “race” tactic by highlighting that “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS, which will impose its Hudud agenda in PR once PR wins.” MCA’s tactics can be seen here, here, and here.

10. Hence, within BN, we have two component parties singing different tunes to the same effect of creating mistrust and even disharmony amongst the Chinese and Malay communities in Malaysia. Is this the 1Malaysia which BN touts? Obviously, BN is not really promoting multiracial harmony as some like Dr Mahathir would like you to believe. The true face of BN can be seen here.

11. Clearly, BN is a desperate contestant, fast losing self confidence, seeking to win at all costs, even if it means creating mistrust and disharmony amongst Malaysians. Will any contestant want to play up the divisive politics if it is confident? Since long, only when struggling to win battles, would a contestant resort to dividing and conquering! That being said, a vote for BN would seem to be a vote of endorsement for this strategy of dividing Malaysians.

12. As Malaysia heads to the polls tomorrow, I wonder if the voters wonder how can they trust BN to govern the country of about 30 million people, when it is not even having the confidence to run its own campaign. And will voters want a divided Malaysian along racial lines, and under the BN rule after Sunday? Perhaps that will be a double whammy!


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