Pakatan disputes GE13 results, claiming fraud (Malaysiakini)

Hazlan Zakaria | 1:25AM May 6, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat today refused to submit to the announced results of the just concluded 13th general election, claiming electoral fraud and irregularities.

“It is unfair for us to form a decision based primarily on an election that we consider fraudulent,” said de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

He blamed the Election Commission for allowing electoral fraud to occur, adding that “the EC has failed the country”.

“Until EC explains (the irregularities),” and until the results of disputed seats are resolved, Anwar argued that as far as he is concerned, BN is still short of a simple majority.

Anwar presented a slew of evidence of he claimed proved electoral fraud, detailing:

– How votes from early voting of police and army personnel did not reflect the 10 to 20 percent support from security forces for Pakatan as exhibited by general voting trends.

– Results of Pakatan wins were intentionally delayed by the EC.

– The systematic failure of indelible ink which he declared “does not work”.

– Specific instances of infractions by EC officials and alleged evidence of phantom voters nationwide.

– Glaring, unresolved issues with the electoral roll.

– Lack of mainstream media access to the opposition pact.

The opposition leader argued that such issues has been brought up and discussed time and again with the election management body, which has remained deaf and dumb to their complaints.

Asked on potential trouble from Pakatan supporters who may similarly question the EC results, Anwar advised opposition supporters to keep calm and maintain their cool, asking them to leave the matter to be handled by their leaders.


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