1) In Malaysia, it seems like if the Malaysian Chinese were to attempt to defend themselves in the Chinese newspapers or press after being accused of “betrayal” and being “ungrateful”, they can be accused of “inflaming sentiments”.

2) And they were told under the same breathe that the Chinese were always extended “hand of friendship”, but being “ungrateful”, they tend to reject it.

3) Well probably the Malaysian Chinese should just sit down and shut up, and face it that Malaysia is Malay country where they just “kongsi” with the other races, but cannot utter a single word to defend themselves.

4) Some people even went back to historical events and said that perhaps in the first place, the Tunku shouldn’t even issue citizenships to the Chinese and Indians. The many generations of Malaysian Chinese should always remind themselves that despite being in Malaysia for about half a century and participating in “kongsi”, perhaps they shouldn’t be in Malaysia in the first place at all.

5) And if the ruling party didn’t manage to win the support of the Malaysian Chinese in the elections despite all the promises and goodies, the Malaysian Chinese should be criticised and lectured for exercising their freedom to choose – for not supporting the ruling party.

6) I think perhaps some people do agree with what I written here.

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