1) Not wrong for Singaporeans to observe and monitor the politics of Malaysia, in particular the recently concluded elections, and the aftermath events. While we observe and monitor, it will be good that we do not become over zealous and over excited, as if ourselves are part of the ongoings across the causeway.

2) Whether the minority “Chinese Tsunami” in Malaysia can motivate the minority “Malay tsunami” in Singapore, is something people in Facebook should see as not so healthy to discuss about. I have noticed some of such posts along such topic being discussed on Facebook.

3) People should look at issues that divides the people, and not racial backgrounds that divide people. I am sure there must be issues that are not bounded by race, and affect the people, and are worth highlighting.

4) Any motivations and inspirations whatsoever that people can get from the polls up north, should not evolve around race, or to import the “race-based politics” into Singapore. In a country where many races exist, raising such racial based issues is not good, and people have to consider the feelings of their fellow citizens who are of other races.

5) We need to remember that we are in a society, and while people can express their views, we must always bear some thoughts to all those who are at the receiving end. And by what people post and write, others will form an impression of them based on their works.


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