1. With regards to the MHA and MFA Joint Statement on the police report Martyn See made against Malaysia’s politician Ghani, I find it rather confusing than anything else.

2. In general, the statement said that no offense was committed earlier this month by Ghani, who visited Singapore during the hustings for the Malaysian General Election. It pointed out that Martyn’s report did not specifically disclose any offense.

3. In the joint statement, there is no mention of the Public Order Act (POA) under which Martyn had lodged his complain. So did Ghani breached the POA?

4. In his police report, Martyn had also taken issue with Ghani “had entered Singapore to promote his electoral campaign.”

5. In the joint statement, it was stated that “In the case of Mr Ghani, it would appear that there was no campaigning, although some members of his team were wearing campaign shirts.”

6. Very interesting point to take note of, which is that Martyn, in his police report, did not seem to mention that there exist some members of Ghani’s entourage “wearing campaign shirts”. The fact that MFA and MHA highlighted this fact, shouldn’t some actions be taken to at least investigate or anything? For what reasons would people wear campaign shirts?

7. As if it is not already confusing, the statement went on stating, “the wearing of campaign shirts by some of Mr Ghani’s team in Singapore during the Malaysian General Election period could be misconstrued and such cases should not recur.”

8. What could the wearing of campaign shirts by people be misconstrued as? How often do we see people in campaign shirts? And what are these people doing when we see them donning campaign shirts? You mean we see normal citizens, shoppers or tourists wearing campaign shirts everywhere they go?

9. Also by stating that “such cases should not recur”, does it imply somehow that probably something not so right had occurred? Anyone heard of the reverse, whereby a job well done “should not recur”?

10. The statement reveals more than what Martyn’s police report had revealed. And the more being revealed, the more confusing it seems to be. Confusing indeed!


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