1. I started this blog on 23rd June 2012, to share my views, and opinions on various issues. It has since been a year, and till today I had 106 posts, and an average of about 11 views per day. These to me are satisfactory because I am new to blogging and the blogging community. Along the way in this one year, I had also tried my very best to improve on the layout of this blog, so as to make it as reader friendly as possible and so on.

2. Blogging has since become a good and healthy habit of mine, as well as a very good way to keep my mind active and to put my thoughts on the record, as and when I have them. It is also good because my blog is a public blog and open for all to view the contents. I do not believe in having a private blog, where access to it is by “invitation”. People who have such blogs perhaps share more personal stuffs which they do not want others to know, or that they are simply not true advocates of sharing.

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