1. On a Board of a publicly listed company, how many directors are there? And if someone is a director, it doesn’t mean he/she is a “super director” with extraordinary responsibilities compared to his/hers colleagues on the Board. If anything goes wrong, people can’t just blame that particular director. Moreover, we must acknowledge that there are other important players, such as the executives (CEO etc), and the majority shareholders, who can have their say in the direction the company is heading.

2. It is very far stretching to blame a particular director for anything which happened during his tenure as director. How about other members of the Board? And definitely people can’t just point fingers at that particular director for any occurrences which happened after his/hers tenure on the Board had ended, and when he/she no longer has any links with the company.

3. However, I was told by someone that should the key executives of a company are unscrupulous, and steer the company in a wrong direction with consequences, the director, being on the Board (collectively with other directors) could be liable for blame. This is despite the fact that he is only but one director on the Board. I was then told that therefore, one should not easily assume directorship in any companies.


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