1. PinkDot first started in 2009, and the crowd size grow progressively each year. This year, PinkDot was on Saturday, 29th June 2013.

2. PinkDot 2013 is the first which I attended. And at the end of the day, I am very happy to note that the crowd size at PinkDot 2013 was about 21,000. This is far more than the 15,000 figure recorded last year. It shows that there are many first-timers (like myself!) attending the event, and this is a very good, and indeed very encouraging sign.

3. I realized that overtime, I start to build up and reinforce my views on the issue of “freedom to love” . In essence, it is very very simple, and if people were to ask me about the PinkDot movement, I would probably share this with them, and I believe it is very easy to grasp. It is whereby I support the Freedom to Love! People interact with each other and will naturally develop feelings for each other – be it feelings of kinship, feelings of friendship, or even a step further as feelings of love. So there should be nothing too unnatural about the freedom of people to love. Simple and not too complex to understand.

4. And I believe we need to end any sort of discrimination against anybody from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community. Like I said, to love somebody is something not unnatural at all. And supporting the PinkDot movement is a good way to show support for the end of discrimination, and most importantly, to move towards a better society where all of us can embrace and accept each other for who we are. This will do much good to the many future generations of Singaporeans!

5. I do not really know what to expect from the event, except that it is “like a carnival, which cumulates into the formation of the dot at the end of the day”. I got a torch ready (nonetheless I still picked up a free pink torch at the community tents zone…) and went in a light pink attire.

6. Atmosphere there is indeed very light, and many people were like having their picnics on the ground of Hong Lim Park! Songs were played, and performances were shown. It is very good that it is not like the usual major Hong Lim Park event where rousing speeches were given, usually laden with political contents. As time progresses, it gets increasing difficult to move around the Park because of the many people already on the ground and the many more coming in with every tick on the clock. Not to mention that sweating is a common affair at the event, thanks to the weather condition.

7. And the community tents zone adds another dimension to the whole PinkDot event. It is a zone where there are booths set up by many groups, including the various support groups for the local LGBT community. Free pink cranes were given (and I heard they can teach you how to fold one!), free ice creams which attracted long queues, a chance to meet the Kenneth and Gary couple, and most importantly, you can learn more about these various groups by talking to the volunteers or even by simply accepting the informative leaflets which they gave out.

8. Very happy to be there at PinkDot 2013, and doing my small little part to form up the Dot at the end of the event. And of course, the PinkDot plushie, Pinkie, is just adorable and cute, and it is a symbol of PinkDot and the very message of supporting the Freedom To Love. I got one (medium size) for myself last week, and yesterday I got one for my friend who was unable to attend!

9. And I encourage people to attend the event in the future (make it next year!) if they didn’t attend it yet – precisely because once you on the ground at the PinkDot event, you will realize that every participants there look so normal like any other human beings, and you can never know who is straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. And this is precisely why members of the LGBT community are no different from any other people, and they are among each and every one of us in our daily activities. So why look at them in a different light the moment people know of their orientation?

10. Hope to see a much bigger crowd at PinkDot 2014. But will there be a day where there is no need for a PinkDot event, and when everybody in Singapore is able to say that they fully support the Freedom To Love?


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