1. In 20 December 2012, when Hawkers Association representatives of Block 538 proposed that the annual March 2013 spring cleaning be scheduled from 4 to 8 March 2013, is it clear then that the cleaning would be a spring cleaning, or a spring cleaning cum annual cleaning (which involves the higher areas)?

2. Any possible misunderstanding on the ground back then with regard to the terms used, such as “annual March 2013 spring cleaning”, “major spring cleaning”?

3. Who wanted to clean the “higher areas” during spring cleaning? Were the details made clear to all involved – such as which spring cleaning session will entail cleaning of the higher areas?

4. Should there be a more proper line of communication between the TC, the contractor, and the hawkers? This is helpful for the hawkers to know the “nature” of the cleaning which will be taking place, hence allowing them to (or not to) arrange for the putting up of any structures. Any miscommunication or the lack of communication could lead to the setting up of some infrastructures, which then led to the creation of some expectations with regard to the “nature” of the cleaning to be conducted.

5. Should Mr Tai Vie Shun have “better and more flexible” style of communications (not a stock reply) which could have possibly avoided misunderstanding, and set clear the way forward?

6. Who requested ATL for quotation? (ATL should have the answer?)

7. Why did ATL submit the quotation, when it should know that it had, in a prior contract to do the same scope of work already paid for by the Town Council?

8. Should ATL be so silent?

9. Any connection between the ATL quotation, and the stock replies given by Mr Tai, and even the remarks he made at the meetings involving AHPETC, NEA and the HA representatives? Are these issues the same or related in anyway? Or are they not the same and not related?

10, During the course of communication on the issue back then, I think it is not impossible that any terms used had misled or confused some of the parties involved. That is possible. Communication is key.


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