1. Life is short, and people kind of acknowledge this. More often than anything, when somebody we had once interacted passed on, we will come to give the nod that life is also so unexpected. People tend to recall the any interactions with that somebody when he had passed on.

2. I wasn’t under him directly but that does not mean there is no interaction. Often when he was present for the morning runs, I remember myself overtaking him, at times greeting him. While he was conducting courses for others at my work venue, I remembered greeting him a few times. He drank (if I remember rightly) Kopi-O which I handed him a pack, just outside my work venue. On the office wall right next to the photocopying machine, is a piece of paper warning users that he is “watching us”, so that we will use the machine with care.

3. The closest interaction came when he was in my team when the whole bunch of us visited the Asian Civilization Museum during Racial Harmony last year. We won some prizes in a contest held in the museum, and he didn’t want his prize. He passed it to me.

4. The great sense of bond between him and my overall boss resulted in many jovial occasions when funny comments and jokes were created. These occasions made me happier in the working environment, and gradually their presence together somehow create some expectation that jovial moments are around the corner. The funny talk was that he had a tendency to lose his way.

5. I fondly remember that he always carry with him his little black pouch. The contents of which I didn’t probe. He seems to be forgetful at times. For at least twice he left his black pouch at my work venue, and for once I had to unlock my work place to retrieve his pouch for him.

6. I believe others could have more interactions with him, and would feel strongly for what had happened. And I have seen some posts already. By sharing memories of interactions, it goes to show that that somebody had once been part of our lives, regardless playing a huge role or not.

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