1. 15th May 2010 was TPJC’s 23rd College Day. The Guest-of-Honour was Mr Kumaran Pillai, a TPJC alumnus. I was then part of the selected group of audience present for the event. TPJC’s principal Miss Helen Choo introduced Mr Kumaran Pillai the founder and the CEO of Protegesoft group of companies. In his address, Mr Pillai motivated the audience to succeed despite setbacks, and he also shared the importance of having a positive attitude.

2. Now Mr Pillai is the Managing Director of The Independent, which is a “news website brings in-depth perspective and analysis on current affairs, economics and politics in Singapore” and which “brings independent perspective on news and current affairs in Singapore. It is a platform owned and operated by journalists.”

3. Mr Kumaran Pillai is one of the few better known TPJC alumnus. Regardless of which school all of us come from, it is very possible for each and everyone of us to make our mark, be successful in our own ways, and to contribute uniquely to the society in various ways.

4. I think perhaps Miss Helen Choo will soon send her blessings to Kumaran Pillai for his work at The Independent, ahead of its launch on 9th Aug.


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