INDIAN POLITICS 2 – Congress President Sonia Gandhi addressed a rally in Karnataka yesterday. Highlighting vision and mission of Congress. Modest attack on BJP. Sonia Gandhi mainly highlighted the accomplishments of the Congress, and also its long held devotion to social justice, says won’t let people down. Sonia Gandhi not launching any counter attacks or anything against the BJP and Modi for what Modi had said in the Delhi rally yesterday? Or not yet. Earlier in the day, Sonia Gandhi had launched the Zero Landless Project which aims to give lands to all poor in Kerala who don’t have land! The Zero Landless Project launched by Sonia Gandhi shows that the Congress is appealing to the poor including the widows and underprivileged. Sonia Gandhi said that by 2015 there will be nobody in Kerala without land. She further emphasized that project shows Congress’ inclusiveness. Sonia Gandhi said in Kerala that, “No one should be left behind or sidelined on account of caste, creed, religion or region.” By emphasizing the inclusiveness of the Congress, perhaps Sonia Gandhi is implying that the BJP lose out on that front? And definitely by highlight its various programmes for the poor, Sonia Gandhi is drawing distinction that the BJP doesn’t care for poor. As always, Congress and Sonia Gandhi are appealing to the poor on the back of inclusiveness and social justice. Poor a huge vote bank! The centering of the Congress campaign on appealing to the poor helped the Congress in 2004 and 2009. Can Modi hijack it this time?


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