INDIAN POLITICS 3 – (Observations made 2 days ago). Modi is having his first rally in Delhi after being appointed BJP PM candidate, ahead of polls in Delhi. Can his star power shake Sheila Dikshit? Dikshit has been holding on Delhi as the Congress fort for many years. Interesting to see if there will be any “Modi effect”. Modi is launching fierce attacks on the Delhi government led by Dikshit as well as the Congress led UPA government. Giving verbal slaps! As expected in any political rallies, Modi is appealing to the crowds emotionally. And it’s very obvious that he is targeting the youths! Modi is also heavily playing out the “development card”, highlighting the less than satisfying results in that front by the UPA government. Modi of course, in order to highlight the poor state of developments by the UPA, made comparison to the BJP led NDA government by Vajpayee. Of course the BJP so far had only one full serious shot with governance, that was the BJP led NDA government by Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004. So let us see if highlights will be made to the “BJP model of development” as seen in BJP ruled states now, especially that of Gujarat. And of course, we must remember that much credit to the Gujarat model of development will be given to Modi, its current Chief Minister. Modi starts talking about himself, and his rise from a youngster selling tea at railway station. In essence, he’s the down to earth type. And Modi mentioned Rahul as the crown prince. Perhaps driving home the point of his own contrast with Rahul and who can better understand?


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