1. Wondering why servicemen can’t have a seat. Nobody truly deserve a seat in the MRT, whoever gets to a seat first shall get it. Nobody should be banned from seating!

2. There shouldn’t be a norm of “seat entitlement” in SG. People shouldn’t suggest that national servicemen should be given priority when it comes to MRT seats. Or that senior citizens should be accorded that priority. The key idea is, while the first who gets to the seat shall seat, people do give up seats to those who need them more.

3. And senior citizens shouldn’t have the “seat entitlement” mentality whereby the reserved seats are for them. On the contrary, those seats are for those who need to sit. And being an elderly doesn’t inherently carries with it the idea that you need a seat. An elderly can be much fitter and in less need for a seat when compared to say a young man who had injured his legs.

4. It is just amazing how some senior citizens can enter the MRT at rather amazing high speed, and after recovering from the disappointment that there are no more empty seats, demand that someone give up their seats for them by merely uttering that “I’m old”.

5. People should not try to cultivate the bad norm of “seat entitlement” in SG. We shall continue to be alert and give up our seats to those who need them.


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