1. Today we have seen another defamation case by PM Lee against a local blogger. There many posts/comments on Facebook, mainly criticizing PM Lee for launching the suit, and mainly showing solidarity with the said blogger.

2. People perhaps should not be too quick to show solidarity with the blogger. People should perhaps think for a moment if there’s any evidences put forward by the blogger in whatever he had written. And whether whatever he had written implied that someone had done something wrong, but of which he had no evidence to raise. And whether whatever he had written is defamatory in nature.

3. The suit by PM Lee against the blogger which comes mid-term through the last GE is timely because it allows all of us to reflect and ponder on the question of what type of opposition do we want to have in Singapore. Is being anti-PAP always equate to pro-opposition and for the benefit of the opposition?

4. Will we want people who make unnecessary comparisons and end up in legal tussles? Won’t these people be distracted such that they cannot champion the cause of the opposition and to raise suggestions and alternatives effectively? People who are distracted by legal tussles could possibly not be as effective in taking up the opposing views or presenting alternatives. They will have to fend for themselves before anything else!

5. Can people raise issues in manners which will be able to highlight the crux of the issues and yet not add additional unnecessary comments and comparisons? Will the crux of the issues be lost when people do not add additional unnecessary comments and comparisons? I’m sure people like Mr Chiam and Mr Low are far more able to raise more issues and present more suggestions and alternatives precisely because they can devote more time to such matters, and not be distracted unnecessarily, by lawsuits.

6. Writing over 400 pieces over the last two years, and speaking publicly a few times may have indeed embolden some people, so much so that as to lose sight of where he is heading. But no doubt many people, even some opposition figures will support the blogger. We should then ask these people, will they write posts just like how the blogger wrote his? If they reply no, then perhaps it’s for rhetoric that they are showing solidarity with the blogger, and that there may still be hope we have less oppositionists in the mould of the said blogger.


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  1. #1 by Johnb695 on May 21, 2014 - 12:00 am

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