1. Yesterday I had written a four-point post questioning the conduct of Roy over the last few days, especially taking issue with his daily lengthy posts. I pointed out that firstly, Roy is out to milk political capital out of the incident and to mislead the people. Secondly, the conduct of Roy is not good for the national scene. Thirdly, Roy will have no credibility should he not defend his piece in court. Lastly, Roy needs to cut down on those rhetoric.

2. Netizens had told me that when I wrote the article nightlight the four key issues, I am displaying a personal vendetta against Roy. I can only come to the conclusion that these netizens had perhaps failed to read Roy’s daily lengthy posts, or had chose to remain in a state of denial.

3. Earlier today, Roy wrote another piece. (You can read it here: For those netizens who have been denied your voices on his FB page, fret not! A screenshot of his post is attached too!


4. Let us look at the first line of his post. For this incident, I find it puzzling why people would ask Roy why he write on the CPF and advocate on CPF. For the whole incident, people should question WHY he made those unnecessary comparison which landed him in a situation where he is “Davindered”! Only people who are misled by Roy or those choosing to remain in their state of denial will ask why Roy wrote on the CPF issue which “landed him in trouble”. Oh well, perhaps nobody is asking Roy, he could well be attempting to MISLEAD the people with the first liner, or to give the SUBTLE IMPRESSION that he was prosecuted for speaking up on the CPF issues!

5. Let us now move to the last 6 paragraphs of his post. What “sense of injustice…strengthened…resolve further” is Roy referring to? “Injustice”? Over what? Is it over his writing on CPF issue? Or is it an injustice because he believes he had done nothing wrong in making those unnecessary comparisons in his writing? If so, he should please go to court and prove what he had written are just!

6. Roy said people “have to take up the fight to be able to be heard and taken seriously”. Take up what fight? Fight for? What is to be heard and taken seriously? If he’s not MISLEADING the people that it is over the CPF issues that people should fight for and be heard and taken seriously, then I suggest he go to court and take up the fight and allows himself the opportunity to be heard and taken seriously by proving that he can substantiate the unnecessary comparisons he had made!

7. Roy added that he’s “seeing more people standing up”, but on what issue? Standing up for his making of unnecessary comparisons or is it yet another MISLEADING line? Yes, more people are standing up against the use of defamation suits, but certainly not standing up for his conduct! Let’s be clear!

8. Not letting up, he mentioned that it’s “time we start to rise and battle”, and again over what? Is he MISLEADING the people to rise and battle over the CPF issue? Or is it over his making of unnecessary comparisons? The latter I think he himself should rise and fight it in court, and prove what he had said, and I mean those unnecessary comparisons which PM takes issue with.

9. There’re are few other examples towards the end of his post, and readers can decipher it on their own. I hope those who have chosen to remain in their state of denial would emerge from their fantasy and acknowledge that Roy is indeed milking (yet more) political capital and continue to mislead more people in his posts in the meantime after PM had extended the deadline. It would be utmost unfortunate if readers chose to remain misled!



  1. #1 by Alan on May 23, 2014 - 4:38 am

    I can equally say the same thing to you that you are trying to misled readers about Roy’s motive, political or otherwise. Even if Roy do has a political agenda, what is exactly wrong with that? Hey, he is speaking on behalf of people like me and many others, you know. And by the way, has he harmed anyone even though he may have his facts wrong ?

    Doesn’t LKY himself have his own political agenda during Operation Coldstore ? Comparatively, Isn’t that kind of outcome so much worse in terms of the harm cause to those victims who suffered at his hands ? Can you at least have a right sense of reasonableness before you attempt to paint Roy in a bad light ?

  2. #2 by George on May 23, 2014 - 9:40 am

    ” Thirdly, Roy will have no credibility should he not defend his piece in court. ”

    What an ingenuous, if not stupid remark!
    I can see that you have lots of credibility – that of a bootlicker. You make my toes laugh with the above statement. Roy may or may not have been foolhardy in his post, but he certainly is no fool to think he can win a fight in the tiger’s very own lair!

  1. Daily SG: 23 May 2014 | The Singapore Daily

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