1. On Thursday, there’s a ST article (screenshot below) which seems to be introducing and sharing more about Roy Ngerng. Later in the same day, Vincent Wijeysingha shared his views on that, by suggesting that the ST article is damaging to Roy’s reputation (Read it here:

2. The ST article seems to be giving a description of Roy Ngerng the person, so it shouldn’t be very strange to include the point that Roy is a homosexual, which can be considered more or less public knowledge, considering that he had blogged about it publicly.


3. I’m not an avid reader of his blog and I won’t say how he rose to prominence.

4. I would agree that Roy’s sexuality has nothing to do with the court case he will be facing. But I find it perplexing why would the disclosure on ST that Roy is a homosexual damage Roy’s credibility as a whole. While some sections (the word is “some”) of the population have negativities towards homosexuality, it is slightly too serious and perhaps blown out of proportion to say that the ST article would damage Roy’s credibility?

5. I think to build an inclusive Singapore where all will be accepted regardless of their sexuality, such views by Vincent and possibly some others may in turn further entrench the existing negativities some may have of the homosexual community, and that it is indeed damaging to be a homosexual. That is bad in the long term.

6. People should accept the fact that regardless, Roy is a homosexual, and should not attempt to prevent this information from being shared in the mainstream media. People should not run away from facts, but should face it.



  1. #1 by Wandering Bolton on May 30, 2014 - 11:38 am

    I support LGBT & Pink Dot even though I am straight, simply because I conclude that they are 1 of the most vocal group who scrutinise PAP’s policies.

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