1. When one seeks to be the representative of the people, one should genuinely believe in having a two-way conversation where listening to all views is a very important component.

2. It shouldn’t be just listening to friendly views and shutting off differing or critical views, because if otherwise, once elected can that person really represent all constituents and not only those who had voted for him?

3. Over the last few days, I had shared a few FB posts about the CPF forum which RP’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam attended. Apparently my posts weren’t to his liking and he just conveniently unfriended me on FB.

4. Some netizens would suggest that is a small issue and I am being petty over an un-friending on FB because ultimately that is Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s FB account. My reply is that these netizens should look at the larger picture and acknowledge that even though that is Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s FB account and he can do whatever he likes, it just wouldn’t reflect very well on him.

5. By un-friending netizens who share critical or differing views, Kenneth Jeyaretnam would have to try harder to persuade and convince Singaporeans that he is genuinely seeking to listen to them before even articulating the issues they are facing.

6. Constituents in the ward where Kenneth Jeyaretnam seeks to contest in the next GE should possibly look at this example I had encountered on FB to decide whether that is the sort of representative they desire when sharing differing views about him online is already a problem.



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