1. As a book lover, I think it is too harsh for the NLB to pulp the few titles when it could actually put them up for sale or donate them as per other discarded books. The books shouldn’t also be that old or in such bad conditions that they have to be destroyed bearing in mind that a few were inducted into the collection fairly recently (two copies of ‘And Tango makes Three’, for instance, came in a few months ago,

2. Books are a great source of information and knowledge, and therefore there should be a variety of books available and none should be destroyed because a segment of the society disagrees with its contents.

3. With such a huge collection of books available currently, it is just impossible for anyone to finish reading or even browsing all the books. Therefore it is no doubt that readers do make decisions on what to read and otherwise, and to prioritize some titles over the others.

4. And therefore in this case, readers who disagree with the contents of the titles now banned by the NLB can just always refuse to borrow those books. There is no doubt that parents who are very concerned about the contents will make the decision for their kids for since they had chose to take the much radical step of getting the books banned in the public NLB libraries, they should have no issue banning their kids from borrowing the books in the first place!

5. This issue is one which all book lovers and readers regardless of their diverse backgrounds are following very closing, and it is no doubt that the NLB, as the most convenient one-stop resource bank for reading at no cost, is disappointing.



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