About the blogger

1) This blog is for me to publish my writings as and when I am able to share my insights, thoughts and opinions on issues not limited to politics, society and other interesting topics. Usually I will blog mostly on politics – politics almost everywhere as long as I follow them.

2) My writing style – I believe in keeping my posts simple and easy to understand, so that readers can easily gain insights from them. Thus, my posts will usually employ simple elementary English to send my message across.

3) To make things clearer and less tiring to finish reading any posts, I believe in keeping each paragraph short, with at most a few sentences. And I have the habit to number each and every of my paragraphs (as can be seen on this page itself!), as I believe the numbers help in keeping the readers on track, as they proceed to digest the whole post.

4) Periodically, I do share news articles by according them posts on their own, especially those articles that carried themes similar to what I had written previously, or about to write in the near future. The links to the original news articles are also provided towards the top-left of the posts.

5) Readers of the blog do feel free to share your views and opinions by commenting on any of the posts. I do interact with those readers who had commented. Of course, all readers are free to like any posts and to subscribe to my blog.

6) I hope the posts do not bore my readers. Thank you and happy reading!

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